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Kofoeds school

Kofoeds School is an independent, non-profit humanitarian organization that provides help in order to promote self-reliance for people with socio-economical problems.

The school operates on a pedagogic model – help to self-help – to address problems associated with long-term unemployment, social isolation and loneliness. We refer to our users as ‘students’ to emphasise the role of education in developing people’s self-esteem and abilities.

Work and facilities
The school in Copenhagen provides education, supported workshops, counselling and guidance, shower and laundry facilities, clothes and furniture, a library and a cafeteria. More than 600 students attend the school in Copenhagen every day.

In addition the school runs a hostel for homeless people and provides housing for young people. The school also has a special section for socially excluded Greenlanders.

The school in Copenhagen was founded in 1928. In 2003 a new department opened in Århus, Jutland with a capacity for about 180 students.

Schools abroad 
Apart from the schools in Denmark, Kofoeds School has sister schools in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, The Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Armenia.