The idea of a school in Armenia started in 1999, when a student from Armenia was on a sojourn to study at Kofoed’s School in Poznan, Poland. She was so taken in by what she saw and heard in Poznan, that she went home and started an association that was to work for the spreading of Hans Christian Kofoeds thoughts.

The question of a Kofoeds School in Armenia was discussed in a government meeting and approved, because the government found the program important in light of the difficult economical and social situation in the country. 

The Armenian state gave a large building in Yerevan to the association, which immediately started teaching languages.

A grant from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs made it possible to undertake rebuilding to the effect of building rooms for homeless, as well as kitchen, teaching and workshop facilities. 

A grant from the Soros Foundation was used on a rehabilitation programme for released prisoners and long term unemployed. The school is also engaged in a program for children and youth from very poor families in Yerevan