Czech Republic

The work in the Czech Republic was started by two Czechs, who came to Denmark as refugees, and after a short stay at Kofoed’s School were so impressed by the school’s methods and activities, that they started to use them in their homeland.

A support association was established in Ostrava in the Northeast of the country. However, it was not until Kofoeds School got in contact with the Slezská Diakonie, that the work really started. 

A Czech student at the Slezska Diakonie was granted a scholarship in Copenhagen to write her thesis on Kofoeds School. The thesis helped spreading knowledge of Kofoeds School in the whole country, and in a very short span of time, five schools were established in the Czech Republic.


Main address of the Kofoeds Schools in the Czech Republic is: 

Hasičská 550/50, 700 30 Ostrava - Hrabůvka 
tel: 00420 605 85 44 15