I am no longer afraid of computers


I ran into difficulties when I lost my job, which I had for many years. I tried to find new work, but it was hopeless – nobody was interested in a man in his late fifties. It was difficult, since I am responsible for my family, including our handicapped daughter. Everything is up to me.

The employment office told me about Kofoeds School. It sounded strange, but I decided to go there anyway. What a pleasant surprise! I met a warm-hearted social worker who informed me about the possibilities offered by the school. I decided to enroll immediately.

I started with the course „Basic PC work“ where I met a lot of other excited students. The atmosphere in the classroom was very pleasant. The students were friendly and we had a warm and patient teacher. I learned a lot on the course. 

Now I know, that a mouse doesn't only run in the attic, but is also a PC component ... and I am no longer afraid afraid of computers.

-- Antonin, student at Kofoeds School, Trinec, Czech republic